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The personnel policy is to back up the process of integration of companies within Hera with a plan for efficient use of the workforce made available as a result of processes of internal rationalization and further outsourcing of activities that generate low added value.
Since the founding of the group and following acquisitions, Hera is engaged in a process of far-reaching corporate reorganisation with no recourse to social shock absorber measures.
New employees are generally hired for top-ranking professional positions (both specialised and operative), which are difficult to cover with internal personnel. Internal personnel is generally chosen for administration and manual labour positions. External employment selection agencies are called in for top ranking professional positions.

Personnel hired during the year (breakdown by position)
Middle managers8103
Open-ended contract employees200176148
Fixed-term contract workers119115117
Staff leasing contracts1305480
Job training and entrance contracts593838
Project based and freelance contract workers602927
Seasonal workers and apprentices1152

In 2011, 148 persons were hired with open-ended contracts, and 524 were hired with those contracts in the last three years, of which 340 following an initial hiring through a non-open ended contract with the Group. In 2011, 59 people under 30 years old were hired with open-ended contracts.
In 2011, 54 female employees were hired with open-ended contracts (36% of the total) and 194 since 2009, totalling 39%. The percentage of new hire female managers, middle managers and employees staff in 2011 is 51%, compared to 44% in 2010.

Job leaving by open-ended contract workers by reason
Transfer to other company31417

In 2011, there were 175 cases of job leaving. 74% of these cases of job leaving were due to retirement and voluntary resignation. The 17 people who left to work for other companies in 2011 are the Hera Luce personnel transferred to the company which won the tender for the Bologna public lighting service, while the 14 departures in 2010 were related to the sale of the Rimini TOS business unit and the Fluid Distribution Department to Romagna Acque.

Turnover rate for open-ended contract workers by role
Middle managers3.8%4.4%2.8%
Turnover rate for open-ended contract workers by gender
Turnover rate for open-ended contract workers by age
Under 302.9%2.9%2.9%
From 30-50 years of age0.8%0.9%1.1%
Over 508.9%6.7%5.9%

The turnover rate is calculated by dividing the number of leaving employees by the number of employees at the end of the year. The turnover rate was 2.7% in 2011. Higher than average values are recorded for workers, for men and for workers over 50 years of age, while the turnover rate decreased for managers and middle managers compared to 2010.

Career advancement during the year (breakdown by position)
Middle managers222022

There were 4 promotions from manager to executive in 2011. In 2011, 1 manager was hired externally (compared to 5 in 2010). Career advancement involved 210 female personnel, totalling 28% of all cases, which is in line with the percentage of women working within the Group, which comes out to 24.3% of the company population.

Ad interim positions covered
Ad interim positions at the end of the year182025
Ad interim positions covered 575
†of which by internal personnel474

In the company organisational chart there are several organisational positions for which the manager has been assigned ad interim. Specific attention was focused on reducing the number of "ad interim" positions in the organisation, by promoting internal resources. With regard to the 20 ad interim or open positions for managers and middle managers at the beginning of 2011, during the year, 5 positions were covered, 4 with internal personnel.
During 2011, for 26 employees, the company they work for changed.
Internal mobility is a direct consequence of the complete activation of the reorganisation that the Group has been carrying out since it was formed.
The objective of internal mobility is to create an opportunity for Hera employees to grow their knowledge and capacities transversally, while allowing them to continually place themselves in new contexts and develop richer and more complete work skills, while strengthening their sense of belonging to the Group.
Since July 2008, the corporate intranet has included a section dedicated to internal mobility, so employees can view announcements for open positions within the Group and apply for those positions. Since its establishment, the dedicated page has received 357,172 hits, 131 announcements have been placed and 59 positions filled; in 2011 alone, the page registered 267,858 hits, 16 announcements and 6 positions filled.
In the course of 2011, a total of 115 infragroup transfers were made, mainly in the central services (47) and operating services (23) areas.