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Internal communication

Many internal communication projects and initiatives began in 2011 to create more sharing, cohesion, information dissemination and workforce involvement, with a view to integration and transparency.
Passaparola ("word of mouth") began at the end of 2011. This top down communication project involved 3,500 workers from the TOSs and aimed to favour awareness of the main corporate activities and initiatives, enhancing and standardising the numerous moments of communication already present in the TOSs. Whether the project will be extended to other Group companies in the future will be assessed on the basis of the results obtained.
In partnership with the Diversity Manager, new work-life balance initiatives were analysed, and topics such as the creation of the fourth intercompany crčche, Filonido in Bologna, was widely disseminated through all internal communication tools.
New elements regarding these tools include, in addition to the large Video Hera monitors placed in the main employee meeting and gathering areas, where the main Hera and Ansa news is published, touch screen monitors to connect to the company intranet which were introduced as a pilot project in Modena. This innovative tool was planned to favour dialogue with the entire workforce and provide the main content and information published on the corporate intranet to operations staff, who do not have a pc station available.
The content of the House Organ, the monthly employee information magazine, continued to be enriched to favour more use of this tool as a source of useful and updated information and news announcements. It contained numerous features and ongoing and detailed articles, planned to provide visibility to the invisible work and the projects of the company's various structures (such as, "A year for safety in the Hera Group", "Tracking waste", "The large machine of the world", the "Hera Ski Adventure" company skiing trophy and interviews on internal services). General interest articles, curiosities, meetings and events also continue to be published in the House Organ.
Together with the House Organ, all employees received the Sustainability report, distributed as in other years in May in a full and pocket version, the new edition of the Code of Ethics, the leaflet "How to read the bill and other useful information" and the "In buone acque" (In Good Water) report, on drinking water quality.
Employees particularly appreciated recreational and sporting gatherings organised together with the Recreational associations to facilitate meeting and integration amongst co-workers from different areas. Over 250 people participated in the "Hera Cup" and 400 in the "Hera Ski Adventure", both in their fifth year.

VolontariHeraPer ... National Food Collection Day

VolontariHeraPer continued in 2011, the European Year of Volunteering. This project was launched in December 2010, and unites the company and the workforce in a common effort of social commitment with the many volunteer associations located in the areas served by Hera. In the Hera areas, Group workers were offered the opportunity to participate in the National Food Collection Day carried out throughout Italy on Saturday, 26 November, which was organised with the high patronage of the President of the Republic, by the Banco Alimentare Foundation, a private, non-profit organisation founded to provide food for those in need. Around seventy Hera volunteers worked for the food bank: in Bologna, 20 Hera volunteers managed the booth by themselves at a supermarket, and at the end of the day they had collected 971 kg of food. In the 6 provinces served by Hera where volunteers lent a hand at booths, approximately 800 tonnes of products were collected at over 700 sales outlets: the donated food will be provided to around 100,000 people supported in the over 600 charitable structures accredited by the Banco Alimentare Foundation in this area.

The Corporate Intranet

On the corporate intranet reserved for Group employees, broad visibility was afforded in 2011 to information and initiatives involving the workforce, to increase the sense of belonging and favour the sharing of company objectives and values. The use of videos to communicate on the most important topics with increased efficiency was intensified (around forty company videos were created in 2011, approximately double those created in 2010). Employees were also pleased with the online announcement board, on which 400 announcements were posted in 2011.
Some of the other main news from 2011 includes the sections on the Group leadership model (with 3,400 pages viewed from July to December 2011) and on the "A year for safety in the Hera Group" initiative (1,000 hits from September to December 2011). Since November 2011, the home page has contained real time data (half-hourly averages) on electricity production and CO2 emissions avoided by Hera's photovoltaic plants, which were viewed 687 times as at 31 December. Approximately 500 news items with daily updates were published in 2011. On average, 1,170,000 intranet pages were visited per month, a decrease of 14% compared to 2010, due to the migration in June 2011 of almost all customer area content to the new 4U portal dedicated to front- and back-office workers.

Renovation and reconstruction of premises

In 2011, all the real estate of Hera S.p.A. was completed and controlled and the analysis of Herambiente's property began with the definition and control of the property deeds to all company assets (approximately 6,000). For non-productive real estate, an energy control and a consumption classification was conducted, which led to the identification of four energy containment projects which will be included in the next business plan, for 2013-2016. Energy class certification was obtained for all main buildings not used for production purposes: 18 buildings owned and 14 rented properties.
Some projects in the headquarters in Bologna regarding activities for company personnel include: completion of the new company management building (for Euro 6 million), with the subsequent entry of personnel and renovation of two additional buildings, which are now partially occupied by Famula on line. Renovations were completed on two additional buildings in the complex at the beginning of 2012, and personnel from the Personnel and Organisation and Quality, Safety and Environment departments have permanently relocated there. Also at the Bologna headquarters, work has begun on an underground car park to be used by the entire building complex. At the via del Frullo office in Granarolo (BO), work began on the new Bologna TOS location, which should be completed by the end of 2012. The site in Imola has also been adapted to resist earthquakes. Work began at the Cesena site to build the new environmental office to replace the current one in Roncofreddo (FC).
As regards company control systems, work continued on improving controls at the operating and production sites and completing the electric redundancies at the Forlė and Modena sites, as well as continuing the control systems for the local CEDs.
In 2012, activities will be carried out to complete and definitively use the two sites in Bologna (Frullo and viale Berti Pichat) and the Cesena and Imola sites. Energy containment measures were adopted for the buildings at Frullo, consisting of the construction of ventilated walls and screening to reduce solar irradiation and the use of particular insulations. These solutions have enabled the building to comply with class A set forth in Decree of the Regional Government no. 152/2008.