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Objectives and performance

What we said were going to do, what we did, what we will do...

Every year in our Sustainability Report we outline our objectives and analyse our results in a transparent manner.

The Sustainability Report is divided into ten sections, one for each category of stakeholder (workforce, customers, stakeholders, suppliers, etc.), and is made up of around 200 pages packed with data and information. Each section begins with the main results as compared with the objectives outlined in the previous Sustainability Report, and the new objectives for the future.

See the objectives and performance for...

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility can be seen in some key economic, social and environmental performance figures and in the distribution of added value.

For some of these indicators, the quantitative targets to be achieved over the next few years have been defined in our Sustainability Report. In this way, it will be possible for us to ensure that objectives are in fact being reached.

Key Performance Indicators