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Supplier relations

The supplier portal is the main tool for communications with the market of suppliers, especially following the consolidation of the negotiation activities via the e-procurement platform which today can rightfully be defined as the only negotiation instrument adopted by the Hera Group Purchases and Contracts Department, with 70% of the total volumes handled via this e-procurement platform.
Supplier telephone assistance activities continued via the Hera Group suppliers' helpdesk: in 2011, almost 10,000 requests for assistance were received, around 99% of which sorted out within the timescales envisaged by company procedures. The helpdesk also considerably increased and consolidated its professionalism, offering an increasingly efficient and effective service, acquiring what is more expertise in supporting suppliers at the time of public tenders. In 2011, the first public tenders were handled on the e-procurement platform.
At the beginning of 2011, meetings with representatives of social cooperatives working in the areas served by the Hera Group were organised, to share the 2010 results and opportunities to work together in 2011. In early 2011, based on the analysis of the data collected, the work group confirmed the validity of the procedures defined for monitoring. The meetings held in 2011 also pertained to the ways to promote employment projects.

Litigation with suppliers

At the end of December 2011, there were 31 pending disputes with suppliers (there were 33 at the end of December 2010), of which 4 initiated in 2011, mainly concerning tender issues.