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Hera's stakeholders

An industrial group with the characteristics of Hera must take into account the needs and demands (which often may be conflicting) of its many stakeholders.
Corporate Social Responsibility means considering, within company decisions, all legitimate demands of the various categories of stakeholders, balancing these demands and integrating them into company strategy.
Hera has mapped its company stakeholders. The starting point was a survey of corporate stakeholders and of current listening and dialogue activities. Various stakeholder classes were then identified and, for each, a breakdown was provided. The presence of targets of particular interest and the issues of particular significance to these targets were also identified. Then, an assessment was made of the influence that each group exerts on corporate decision-making processes and the significance with respect to corporate activities. These two aspects are assessed in the light of the decision-making power, pertaining to legal or contractual obligations, employment relations with the company and links with corporate strategies.
Mapping of the stakeholders and key issues to be targeted by involvement actions enabled us to pinpoint the stakeholders that are the most important for the company (workforce, customers, shareholders), a second group of stakeholders with interests of a broader nature however able to influence corporate decisions (financial institutions, suppliers, public administration, local communities) and a category of stakeholders whose interests are only indirectly represented (the environment and future generations).