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Sponsorship and donations

The relations with the local areas, the closeness to residents and respect for the environment are the leading forces behind the sponsorships that Hera Group chooses to make.
Hera supported the Bologna Cinetheque in 2011, becoming one of its main partners. Among the main events are the "The Cinema Rediscovered" and "Under the Stars of the Cinema." The "Bob and Nico. Roberto Benigni and Nicoletta Braschi" exhibition joined these events, staged in Bologna at Palazzo Pepoli hosting testimony, works and reconstructions of the incomparable artistic vicissitudes of Roberto Benigni and Nicoletta Braschi.
In collaboration with Arte Fiera, Hera supported the Art White Night, during which museums and historic palazzos in Bologna stayed open until midnight to as to permit tourists and above all else residents to discover or rediscover the most beautiful and significant places in the city.
In order to celebrate the 150 years of the unification of Italy, the Group decided to support the endeavours of the Musica Insieme association at Bologna's Manzoni theatre organised by Maestri D'Italia, a classical music review conceived and staged to celebrate the important occasion on the notes of well-known composers. The Group also renewed its association with the "BilBolBul" international cartoon festival of Bologna, sponsoring its fifth edition and continued its partnership with the "Future Film Festival," which is the main Italian event dedicated to animation and special effects in movies.
Moreover, in 2011 the Hera Group renewed its commitments in favour of the Bologna Jazz Festival, which brought some of the leading players in the international jazz scene to the stages and clubs of Bologna, Modena and Ferrara, starting off from Pat Metheny.

"Chi salva un bambino salva il mondo intero" (Who saves a child saves the whole world)

The Imola-Faenza TOS supported the local section of the Italian Red Cross in the purchase of dummies and educational material for courses dealing with the manoeuvres for unblocking airways in the paediatric sphere. One of the training events held by the voluntary Red Cross instructors took place, in 2011, at the "Nido di Cornelia" nursery school, created in Imola thanks to Hera Group's participation.

Hera was determined not to miss the major events of the Romagna artistic season by sponsoring the "Melozzo da Forlì. L'umana bellezza tra Piero della Francesca e Raffaello" exhibition at the Musei di San Domenico in Forlì and the "TAMO". "Tutta l'avventura del mosaico" event, a permanent exhibition housed in Ravenna at the San Nicolò complex and dedicated to the art form which has made Ravenna famous worldwide. Particular care was dedicated to theatrical activities, supported by the Hera Group throughout the area where it performs its services.
Furthermore, Hera sponsored the Ferrara Buskers Festival, an international street music review, and the Modena musical show "Suoniamo," which many important Italian and international artists participated in. The Group's support for Rimini's "Notte Rosa" (Pink Night) was also confirmed.
The multiutility company also supported the Philosophy Festival, held in Modena and dedicated to nature this year.
From the viewpoint of sporting events, thanks to collaboration with GS Emilia, Hera continued to support the great classic competitions of Italian bicycling: the "Coppi-Bartali" and the "Giro dell'Emilia" races. These were joined by sponsorship of the Coppa Placci, an important cycling competition in the Imola area.

(thousands of €)200920102011
Recreational activities902874
of which to local communities1,7791,5371,770
of which to areas not served by Hera881089
(thousands of €)200920102011
Recreational activities421
of which to local communities183195142
of which to areas not served by Hera282010

Once again in 2011, the Hera Group wished to confirm its support for the Associazione Amici di Luca, with particular reference to the initiatives concerning Epiphany. The company renewed its collaboration with the ANT Foundation (National Association for the Study and Therapy of solid Tumours) and to AIL (Italian Association for the fight against Leukaemia). During world water day, an international solidarity project of the European Committee for Training and Agriculture (CEFA) was furthered, with the aim of creating water supply points in Sudan: glass bottles for water were thus handed to visitors in exchange for a donation supporting the project.
The partnership with the Libero Cinema in Libera Terra project has been added this year, organised by the Cinemovel Foundation so as to take important films to locations confiscated from organised crime. In the Ravenna area, Hera took part in the MGG Italia (Mobilità Garantita Gratuitamente - Mobility Guaranteed Free-of-charge) project, in order to guarantee mobility services free-of-charge for individuals affected by sclerosis.
In the Cesena area, Hera decided to support the Amici di Casa Insieme association, a voluntary organisation involved with regard to a very serious illness, Alzheimer. In the Modena area, the multiutility company's support went to the deserving solidarity initiatives organised by Atletic Città dei Ragazzi. Hera also sponsored the Modena Terzo Mondo Onlus Association for the Sixth Festival of international solidarity and the Angela Serra Cancer Research Association. The medical and treatment sphere is without doubt one of the main lines for Hera Group donations: in 2011, the Group wished to support IOR (Romagna Cancer Institute) as well, referring to the Rimini area. In Ferrara, the company entered into a partnership agreement with the Architects Foundation for the Social Housing project and gave its support to ADO (Assistenza Domiciliare Oncologica) for the 10 years of the Solidarity home. Further funds were set aside to support Avedev (Anti-vivisection association for the rights of living beings) and the Parish of Berra centenary of the nursery school.
In 2011, Hera, in compliance with its own Code of Ethics, did not make contributions of any kind to any party or politician.