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Environmental education

The Hera Group has promoted for several years, in the various provinces where it operates, numerous environmental education projects, in order to raise awareness in schools on issues related to services and to take part in the educational process, making its business experience available.
Over the years, collaboration with schools has created a rich store of experience and has made it possible to reach significant goals in this direction. This long-term experience has given rise to "La Grande Macchina del Mondo", an environmental education project which the Group wished to achieve as from the school year 2010-11, unique and consistent for the entire area in which it operates: a single common thread, to develop the various experience achieved over the years locally and bring it together taking the best of the same.

Environmental education projects
Schools involved694688752
Participating students39,90141,30652,017
Teachers involved1,8031,7822,229

The figures refer to Hera S.p.A.

The 2011 results confirm the success of past editions. Specifically, a considerable increase was seen in the number of total students involved in all the areas. The new environmental education project launched in the last school year, in fact, not only featured greater content and variety of the educational initiatives, but also an offer extended to all schools from kindergarten to high school, in all local areas.

A, B, C, Differenziamo!

In November 2011, a new project was launched in all the first and second level secondary schools, "A, B, C, Differenziamo", which involved over 80 schools and a total of 25,000 students. The project was created with the aim of raising the awareness of youngsters in relation to respect for the environment and carrying out separate waste collection at school, separating the waste produced in class, in offices and school laboratories using small bins. In order to make students, teaching staff and guests aware, informative posters and leaflets were handed out on the correct collection methods.

Training offered to schools in the area served by Hera for the two-year period 2010 and 2011 was particularly lavish: 24 projects, differentiated for all the school levels (infant, primary and secondary - first and second level), 1,500 laboratories, visits to plants and classroom activities for a total of 5,500 training hours. The varied programme of the "La Grande Macchina del mondo" project permitted the classes taking part to choose the aspects they wished to look more closely at: from water, to energy, the environment.
Via "Le avventure di Skizzo", "A tutta forza", "Il viaggio di Buccia" and many other projects and with the support of extensive and in-depth educational material, youngsters were able to form an informed culture of sustainable development.
All the educational initiatives availed of the collaboration of environmental education Cooperatives and Centres and Foundations which work with regard to scientific culture and education.
Again within the sphere of the new school project, Hera promoted and organized the fifth edition of the "Science Well". This event was dedicated to the dissemination of a scientific culture and environmental education. For three days, high school boys and girls participated in educational workshops, meetings, and presentations on the environment, energy and water. Approximately 11,265 students and 290 teachers were involved in 46 meetings in 9 major towns and cities of the Emilia-Romagna Region. This success was evident in the quality of the project and the level of the events that included scientific research entities and institutes, scientists and researchers, which explained and expanded on the subjects. The boys and girls had the chance to come closer to scientific knowledge and learn about Hera's activities in an educational, entertaining way. The event was sponsored by the Emilia-Romagna Regional Authority, the Regional Educational Office, the Provinces and the Municipalities served. This initiative is slotted to take place in 2012 as well.

"Riciclandino" to support schools providing incentive for separate waste collection

Schools also self-finance themselves by means of separate waste collection thanks to "Riciclandino", an initiative in collaboration with the Municipal Authorities in the Ravenna Area and the Area Authority. The project involved around 32,000 students from 250 schools, from infant up to second level secondary schools. The students involve their families in goods environmental practices: on the basis of the disposals they make at the drop-off points in the area, Hera makes a contribution in cash to the various schools.