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Social and environmental communication
During 2011, Hera decided to invest resources and ideas in environmental communication, providing service information which effectively qualifies the company's commitment in favour of sustainability and protection of the local area.
The promotion of the network water was focused on specifically. On 22 March, during the world water day, Hera gazebos appeared in all the squares of the main towns and cities served by the multi-utility company to raise citizens' awareness of the good practices associated with the use of tap water and the controls which ensure its quality. In Autumn, Hera launched a campaign to inform the public of the economic and environmental advantages deriving from the use of tap water. The campaign's slogan, "Vi diamo acqua pura e semplice. Non bottiglie." (We give you pure and simple water. Not bottles), wished to further the use of tap water as an alternative to the bottled kind, which is more expensive and polluting, and therefore confirmed the spirit of the communication and awareness raising initiatives already undertaken by Hera.
With the "Missione Recupero" (Recovery Mission) campaign, Hera waste collection vehicles were decorated with two clear and effective messages: "Dei rifuti non si butta via niente" and "Insieme facciamo la differenza" (No waste with waste and Together we make a difference). This form of itinerant communication encounters people during their daily lives so as to reveal to them that waste collection is much more successful when it becomes an asset, a prerogative and commitment of everyone, thus creating a principle of citizenship whose bases lie in the effective commitment of those who live in the area.

Hera knocked on the doors of three million people

In June 2011, Hera delivered informative material on separate waste collection to millions of households in the area where it manages the waste collection service. The envelope left directly on the doorknob of every household contained a kit comprising:

  • the "Wasteologist", a practical handbook which answers all the doubts on separate waste collection associating the various types of waste produced in the domestic sphere with the correct type of disposal;
  • "Your drop-off points", with information on this service, addresses, opening hours and illustration of the functioning of the free collection services;
  • "Tracking waste", the leaflet which transparently explains how much and where the waste which Hera collects every day is recovered.

In conclusion, together with the last bill for the year, the Hera Group decided to send its customers a list of practical advice so as to maximise the efficiency of home heating systems and cut gas consumption. By inviting its customers to consume less, Hera thus emphasises the possibility of combining the defence of the environment and the defence of households economies.

Taking part in exhibitions and trade fairs

During 2011, the Hera Group once again renewed its presence at "Ravenna 2011. Rifiuti, acqua, energia. Economia ambientale" ("Ravenna 2010. Waste, water, energy. Environmental economics"), presenting workshop activities to the public at its stand, with the aim of spreading awareness of the subject of sustainability with youngsters and students and providing informative material on the service such as the tap water quality report, up-dated in relation to the most recent revelations.
Hera in fact sees the trade and convention sector as an ideal sphere for communicating the results and prospects of its initiatives in favour of sustainability to a selected public: this evidently gave rise to participation in Ecomondo, the prestigious trade fair event in Rimini which Hera did not wish to miss this year as well.
Furthermore, 2011 concluded with participation in the Bologna Motor Show, permitting the Hera Group to present its project supporting electrical mobility to the general public. A high-technology content stand, located within the Electric City pavilion, thus illustrated the features of "Hera and Electric Mobility", a project which aims to create a backbone of recharging stations along Via Emilia which will make suburban electric mobility possible, tapping the working needs of many and thus providing a real contribution to defending the environment and adopting innovative and sustainable forms of transport.

Hera on the internet

Hera's commitment to ensure timely and updated information on line that is in line with the transparency expectations of the various interlocutors continues. The information style is customised according to the interests and particularities of the respective stakeholders: customers, shareholders, various communities in the local areas and students. The search engine was also enhanced to provide a more effective fruition of the contents. With a view to innovation, during 2011 importance was also given to mobile devices and the study of new Apps, as well as the 2.0 Web world.

Cervia: the most extensive Wi-Fi beach in Italy

As from June 2011, 212 beach resorts in the Municipality of Cervia were on the net making it possible for around 650,000 tourists on the beach in Cervia and the neighbouring resorts of Milano Marittima, Tagliata and Pinarella to surf the web. Thanks to the "Galileo" wireless project, the result of a partnership between Cooperativa Bagnini Cervia, Hera, Acantho and the Municipal Authority of Cervia, it is possible to use internet free of charge, under the beach umbrella using portable PCs and smartphones: 9 km of uninterrupted coastline which represent the most extensive wireless coverage of an Italian beach resort.

In 2011, the water channel was created (average of 600 hits a month), full of information on drinking water, management of the water service, quality of the water and containing the "In Buone Acque" report, the map of the plants and the "Urban Springs" presented in the local area (network water distributors available to the general public, contained in special wooden kiosks). It is also possible to ask Hera experts specific questions pertaining to the water cycle and the checks on the chemical-physical parameters.
In the customers section, the waste management service has been enhanced and in particular separate waste collection with the on-line "Wasteologist" via which the user can select the type of waste so as to know which container to place it in or discover the nearest drop-off point. If they cannot find the information they are looking for, customers can report this to Hera via the web; Hera will then take this report into account when updating the information.

Wasteologist for iPhones, iPads and smartphones

Around 9,000 people have downloaded the Wasteologist App available for iPhones, iPads and Android phones. The Wasteologist provides detailed information on how to correctly recycle all types of waste and makes it possible to find the nearest separate waste collection point. After the first few weeks, thanks to the 500 plus reports received from customers, a new version was created with new types of materials (rising from the 140 initial items to over 600).

2011 also saw a consistent endeavour with regard to Electric Mobility, where Hera offers energy for electric cars in Modena and Imola with a made-to-measure commercial solution, completing the service with a dedicated website and an App for iPhones (Hera Mobility) which makes it possible to easily locate recharge stations. In conclusion, in December a new channel was made public which develops company training activities and made the creation of HerAcademy, the Hera Group's Corporate University official.
VedoHera continues to meet with appreciation: the quarterly online newsletter on sustainability which in 2011 exceeded 65,000 subscribers and received almost 22,400 visits, involving more than 31,800 pages visited.
The Financial Statements and the Sustainability Report were published in 2011 in real time in an online version.

Hera's chat debut on the Sustainability Report positive

On 20 April 2011, at the time of presentation of the 2010 Sustainability Report, a new channel of dialogue with the stakeholders was launched: within a specifically dedicated chat facility, representatives of consumers' associations, economic forces and individual citizens posed questions directly for around 2 hours on the Sustainability Report to a pool of company managers and technicians brought together ad hoc. 57 questions were answered directly. The subjects meeting with the most interest concerned separate waste collection, bills and the water service situation.

The effectiveness of the Hera Group's online communication was emphasised in 2011 by the third place achieved in the 2011 Lundquist CSR Online Awards ranking and the third place gained in the Halvarsson&Halvarsson Webranking classification.

Website hits
Customers section51,47746,41750,361
Suppliers section3,5125,0275,611
Corporate Social Responsibility Section†1,8262,8542,836
Investor Relations Section2,2472,0191,838
Other sections34,98654,14848,523
Total average monthly visits92,222110,465117,690
Total page views (monthly)472,534484,216471,050
Total unique visits (monthly)64,66278,93786,112

What is Hera's reputation on the web?
Online word-of-mouth is constantly growing and evolving. Online applications that allow for an increased level of interaction between the site and the users are becoming available in many areas, in relation to the contents, procedures and objectives for use by the users. Hera's analysis of the web is focused on blogs, forums, social networks and Youtube, virtual places where it is easy to collect spontaneous views, as most of the content is placed there by users themselves.
In 2011, 2,535 posts that referred to Hera were analyzed. The posts were mainly concentrated on the blogs, 57% of the total. The presence of references to the Group on social networks was very significant and clearly up (33%). Presence on forums (9%) was very significant, albeit more contained and down with respect to 2010 (14%). Analysis of Youtube was introduced as from 1 January 2011 (0.4% of the total).
Hera's presence in the 2.0 web is very positive and creates a well-defined image profile. Reference to environmental sensitivity was visible and very positive in blogs and social networks (in particular with regard to sustainable mobility), along with that to educational projects furthered in schools, the satisfactory economic results and the measures of opinion leaders in development strategies and growth objectives. Hera emerges on the web as a company particularly sensitive to environmental issues and deeply-rooted in the local area. Attention to customers and innovation was also evident, thanks to the creation of new services such as the Wasteologist and Hera Mobility and the disclosure of useful information to customers. Negative aspects concerned the disputes regarding the incinerators, in particular in relation to the dioxin alarm, the debate on biomasses, the tariff increases and, on a more general notes, the wide debate in view of the renewal of the Shareholders' Agreement.
Financial matters are mainly discussed in the forums: the consolidation of economic growth, the distribution of dividends and the positive opinions expressed by financial analysts and the interest of the investors which animate online discussions.

Hera' supports "ecological basketball"

The thirteenth edition of the "ecological basketball" project which Hera achieves in collaboration with Andrea Costa Imola Basket, in 2011 involved eight school complexes in the area of Imola and Faenza and around 2,000 students. The students met the players who explained basket ball to them and the related rules letting them play, and at the same time Hera conveyed promotional messages on water and electricity saving and on the importance of correct separate waste collection via the "Facciamo bene quel che Ť meglio" campaign.