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Associations and Hera membership

The Hera Group is present at the highest levels of organisations that are representative of the system of local public services (it appoints the vice-chairmen of Federutility and Federambiente), participates actively in their development and supports their institutional communication through the systematic participation of its members in the different roundtables opened with regulators by the Associations.
The Group is also a member of AIRU (the Italian association for Municipal Heating), CIG (Italian Gas Committee), FIRE (Italian Federation for the Rational use of Energy. It contributes to research activities regarding the public services sector conducted by leading institutions, both as a customer for specific research, and participating in the scientific debate proposed by them with contributions published in the record (AREL - Research and Legislation Agency, AGICI Business Finance) and direct participation in top level bodies (such as the IEFE board, Institute of energy and environment politics and energy at L. Bocconi University). Hera is also a member of the ASPHI (promotion and integration of the disabled via the use of Information Communication Technology) association and Impronta Etica, a business association for the promotion of social responsibility.