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The costs of Hera services for an average customer

Hera manages regulated services (e.g. the integrated water cycle, urban waste, and gas and electricity distribution) and free market services (e.g. waste disposal and gas and electricity sales). For regulated services, the tariffs applied by Hera are regulated by controlling authorities (AEEG - Italian Authority for Electricity and Natural Gas and ATO - Water and Waste Regulatory Authorities), while for free market services, tariffs are freely determined by the sales company. For sales tariffs, AEEG defines and updates quarterly the prices for domestic and non-domestic electricity customers which chose to not take advantage of a free market option and for natural gas service domestic customers which, having chosen to not take advantage of a free market option, are subject to the protective economic conditions defined by AEEG.

The costs of Hera services for an average customer



Water services187.45200.02209.629.60
†of which attributed to Hera592.93611.34627.3015.96
†of which attributed to raw materials and generation701.00626.64706.9880.34
†of which taxes, duties and system charges506.27530.90549.0618.16
The costs of Hera services for an average customer

In 2011, an average customer spent Euro 1,883 for Hera's services; of this amount, only 33% represents elements of the falling under the responsibility of Hera. 2011 recorded an increase in the total cost of Euro 114 compared to 2010. This increase was mainly caused by the increase in the raw materials and generation portion, which increased by Euro 80. In percentage terms, the total cost for Hera services increased by 6.5% compared to 2010.
The Euro 16 addition to Hera's portion corresponds to 0.8% of the total amount of Hera bills and mainly concerns the water service (Euro 9), the waste management service (Euro 5) and the gas service (Euro 4); the portion attributable to Hera for the electricity service decreased by Euro 2. The "Momento Giusto" (Right Time) package that Hera Comm offers to residential customers from February 2011 makes it possible to save up to around Euro 35 on the gas bill.