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Other dialogue and consultation initiatives

In 2011, the channel dedicated to direct contact with consumers' associations was activated in all areas served by the Hera Group. This is a new relationship model, designed at the request of these stakeholders at the end of 2010, with the objective of managing reports and preventing the emergence of disputes, through the intermediation of consumers' associations. Thanks to the highly qualified personnel identified and trained for this project by Hera customer management, in 2011 365 cases (for a total of 582 contacts) were managed by the dedicated channel: 88% of these cases concluded successfully. Many meetings with the associations involved were required in order to present and discuss the opening of this new contact channel: in 2011, 16 meetings in the seven areas in which Hera operates were held for this purpose.

Clearer bills with the reading guide

The guide "How to read the bill and other useful information" was distributed in October 2011. Its objective is to provide useful information to help customers understand the bill and all services provided by the Hera Group. The document was completed after months of controls on the main information requirements of residents, and the editorial project was approved by 9 regional consumers' associations (ACU, Adiconsum, A.Di.Do., ARCO, Codacons, Federconsumatori, Lega Consumatori GOT Felsineo, Movimento Difesa del Cittadino and Unione Nazionale Consumatori). "How to read the bill and other useful information" was presented to the public at a press conference on 17 October 2011 and published on the website, and over 80,000 copies were distributed at the Group's 84 branches. The guide was also gradually made available at the URPs of the main municipalities and presented at numerous meetings with representatives from the institutional world.

The publication of a dedicated consumers' association section on the www.gruppohera.it website was postponed to 2012, since we intend to continue to adopt the shared design approach used to produce the "How to read the bill and other useful information" guide.
Hera maintains a daily relationship with trade associations in the area it serves, and its actions are focused on responsibility to the local community, competitiveness, innovation and trustworthiness, all elements which represent the model for an initial approach with the Associations.
Daily dialogue with associations helps to simplify bureaucracy and formalise procedures aimed at satisfying the member customers.
The partnership with associations and a constant commitment on general topics and shared innovative projects (e.g., the development of solar communities, the sports club energy project and the clean energy savings and production project at the sports clubs in Modena) guide Hera's commitment and attention in relation to trade associations.
Hera has a consolidated relationship with over 60 trade associations and 200,000 members, which fuels a climate of increasing trust and cooperation.