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Services managed

Energy services
Hera is one of the major operators in Italy, in terms of managed volumes for the sale and distribution of gas. Sales total approx 3.3 million cubic metres per year to over 1.1 million service customers. Hera distributes electricity in the Modena and Imola areas (in 24 municipalities) and sells approximately 10 TWh of energy per year to 482 thousand customers. Hera is also operational in the district heating (8 municipalities served), heat management (in 162 municipalities) and public lighting (in 59 municipalities) sectors.

Water services

Hera manages the integrated water services in 227 municipalities (it manages sewerage and purification services in all, and in 225 the distribution services) with sales volumes of approximately 254 million cubic metres of water for civilian and industrial use, 326 drinking water purification plants, 31,260 kilometres of aqueducts, approximately 15,000 kilometres of sewage networks and 848 treatment plants.

Waste Management Services

Hera manages the entire waste cycle: collection, recovery, treatment and disposal. The group manages urban waste in approx. 181 municipalities representing a customer base of 2.8 million users (collecting approx. 1.8 million tonnes of refuse per year).
The Group owns 80 waste disposal plants. Hera, with its 7 plants, is one of the major operators in Italy in the waste-to-energy sector. In 2011, a total of 5.1 million tonnes of waste were disposed of.

Hera – Key Statistics (2011)
Gas customers (thousands)1,114.5
Gas sold (millions of m3)3,321.0
Water customers (thous.)1,185.4
Water sold (million m3) 253.7
Electricity customers (thous.)482.1
Electricity sold (GWh)9,996.1
Waste treated (thous. t)5,107.1
Permanent workforce (as at 31/12) (no.)6,484
Customers served in the local areas

* Number of municipalities and residents in the municipalities in which Hera manages at least one energy service (distribution of gas or electricity, or district heating), water service (water systems, sewage or treatment) and waste management service (separated or non-separated waste collection, or sweeping) and the percentage of total residents in the province or the territory (as at 1 January 2011, source: ISTAT).