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Corporate strategy

The Hera Group's strategy is based on the corporate mission and affirms the Group's desire to guarantee an innovative corporate model based on a multi-business approach with strong roots in the community, which places sustainability as a key element of company choices and lines of development.
The 2011-2015 Business Plan is completely consistent with the journey undertaken by the Group to date; it reconfirms the multi-utility strategy and attention to the creation of value for shareholders and the main stakeholders.
The strategic guidelines which the Hera Group intends to implement in the coming years have been drawn up based on the three business areas:

  • in the energy area, the Group aims to maximise sales profitability, optimise plant management, increase electricity and heat production from renewable and similar sources, strengthen growth of the client base, even outside of the areas currently served, continue to improve commercial quality and the performance of customer service structures and evaluate opportunities arising from the development of the new electric mobility business;
  • in the waste management area, the Group intends to make the waste-to-energy plants built in past years fully operative, employ the know-how developed during the construction and management of waste-to-energy plants to guide new projects, outline plans for developing the plant portfolio on the basis of changes in waste collection procedures and the current incentive system, progressively increase separate waste collection while minimising costs linked to the regional collection models, and take advantage of opportunities to improve material flows, particularly through energy recovery and recycling;
  • in the networks area, Hera intends to conduct preparatory activities for future gas distribution service tenders, consolidating its abilities related to the design and proposition of excellent management solutions, and increase the efficiency and quality levels of the electricity distribution service.

In the Business Plan until 2015, these strategic priorities are supported by the sustainability strategy in order to strengthen the Group's competitive advantage, by:

  • further increasing the percentage of electricity and thermal energy generated by renewable and similar sources, additionally enhancing energy recovery from waste and executing innovative projects focused on energy efficiency;
  • maintaining quality and safety standards at levels higher than those required by the regulator and consolidating the quality levels of structures in contact with the customer;
  • continuing to implement employee professional growth policies;
  • increasing profitability and economic and financial stability;
  • maintaining the characteristics and strong local roots which have characterised the Group's development since its establishment.

The lines of development defined in the Business Plan maintain continuity and consistency with the guidelines of the last few years, outlining a solid and balanced path which will allow the Hera Group to reach 2 million customers served by 2015, and to manage around 80,000 kilometres of networks and approximately 90 waste disposal plants for an overall capacity of over 7 million tonnes.