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Corporate Social Responsibility within Hera

Hera acts to develop and promote corporate policies with a view to adopting a corporate model that is capable of meeting the needs of the various stakeholders in a balanced manner. Hera has published the Sustainability report since its establishment, and added Corporate Social Responsibility to its strategy, as Hera considers CSR a valid instrument for increasing competitiveness and a key element in reaching sustainable development.
The Mission and Charter of Values expressed in the Code of Ethics dictate the guidelines for corporate conduct and underlie each corporate action and relationship. A shared Mission, Charter of Values and Conduct established in the Code of Ethics is the strategic and cultural framework in which the Business Plan takes shape, results are reported in a transparent way through the Sustainability Report, and economic planning is carried out annually. The Balanced Scorecard system makes it possible to differentiate the corporate strategy and social responsibility policies into specific operational projects managed by managers and middle managers and periodically monitored. These projects are an integral part of the management bonus system.
This virtuous cycle of social responsibility within Hera is characterised by numerous initiatives of stakeholder involvement that allow for the examination of legitimate claims and their opportune insertion as part of the corporate policies and the relative implementation instruments.

From strategy to daily management: a virtuous cycle