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Energy produced

In 2011, the Group continued to pursue its commitment to meeting its growth target in terms of the use of renewable and similar energy sources. More specifically, the new waste-to-energy treatment line in Rimini, the biomass plant in Faenza managed by Enomondo, the cogeneration plant for district heating in the Giardino district of Modena, and five industrial cogeneration plants all enjoyed their first full years of operation. During the year a cogeneration plant for district heating in the 3rd PEEP district of Modena, a plant for recovering biogas from the landfill in Ravenna, the fourth photovoltaic plant at Bologna freight village and two industrial cogeneration plants became operational.
The following table outlines the net electricity production of the Group's plants. Also considered are the production plants managed in service by Hera Group companies, even if they are not owned by Hera, as well as the plants managed by third parties and fuelled by biogas produced at the Group's landfills. The electricity net of additional production plant consumption may not match that introduced into the grid, as part of the energy produced may be used for other company production processes.